DIY Fashion Story with Upcycling Fan Sarah – “Like a Chameleon”

Today’s DIY fashion story is exceptionally not about the experience with one of our DIY fashion boxes, but about our free patterns. Law student Sarah loves to get creative in her free time and has discovered upcycling for herself.

Up what? Upcycling means making something new from old, unused or even waste. This is not only incredibly fun, but also particularly sustainable, because in this way many things can get a second life and a whole new purpose. In addition, upcycling gives rise to completely new, creative creations, which sometimes do not even guess what the initial part was.

For her latest upcycling project, the 23-year-old used our free pattern for The Clara Collar – and sewed it from her dad’s old shirts. Ingenious, isn’t it? She tells us how she got into upcycling, which piece she’s most proud of, and what her experience with our free pattern was like.

You also have old clothes you’d like to upcycle or a few yards of fabric you’d like to finally sew up? Then take a look at our free patterns. There you will find the pattern and a material list that we have compiled for you. If you’d rather have an all-inclusive carefree package, The Clara Collar is of course also available in our store as a DIY fashion box.

You also want to be part of our DIY fashion story series? Then email us at You can find more stories here.

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