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Our sewing tips blog is a treasure trove for sewing enthusiasts, whether beginners or experienced hobby sewers. From basic techniques to advanced tricks, we cover a variety of topics that will make your sewing more enjoyable and efficient. We also offer free tutorials for great DIY projects that will inspire and encourage you to explore your own creativity in sewing.

Whether you're looking for expert advice, inspiration, or just a community of like-minded people, this blog is the ideal place to improve your sewing skills and discover new horizons.

Schrägband nähen

Sewing with bias tape: What is bias tape and what is bias tape used for in sewing?

For a professional appearance of a garment, open or even frayed edges are usually undesirable. To avoid this, so-called binding tapes are often used to hide seams, emphasize fabric edges […]

Nähte im Überblick

What are French seams: All about the most important seams

Sewing is an art that has been practiced for centuries. From making clothes to repairing everyday objects, sewing is a skill that is indispensable in a variety of areas. But […]

Leinen Stoff

Linen fabric: Learn more about the sustainable natural fiber and what you can sew with linen!

Have you ever wondered what makes linen fabric so special? In this article, you can find out more about the process of extracting linen, its unique properties, be inspired by […]

Reißverschluss in Tasche nähen

How to sew a zipper on a bag: Sewing in a zipper instructions

The question of how to sew a zipper on a bag is a challenge for many hobby sewers. But with the right zupper foot and a good understanding of the […]

Patchwork Nähideen

Easy Patchwork Quilt Patterns for Beginners: The Best Patchwork Clothing Patterns

Patchworking is a craft that not only produces beautiful results, but also has a rich history and tradition. In this article you will learn a lot about this versatile topic […]

Reißverschluss einnähen Jeans

Sewing a zipper into jeans: How you can easily sew a zipper into jeans as a sewing beginner

A basic sewing technique is the insertion of a zipper in jeans. A well-fitted metal zipper is not only functional, but also gives your homemade jeans a high-quality look. Don’t […]


Easter sewing ideas: Creative sewing projects for the spring season

Easter is just around the corner and what could be nicer than making something yourself in the spring and giving yourself or others a treat? It doesn’t matter whether you […]

Nähideen für Stoffreste

Scrap fabric sewing projects: What to make with fabric scraps

Recycling Day is celebrated worldwide on March 18, an occasion that reminds us how important it is to conserve our resources and reduce waste. One area in which we are […]

Reißverschluss verarbeiten

Sewing invisible zippers: How you can easily sew in a zipper

An invisible zipper gives your projects a professional look and ensures a smooth surface. It is particularly suitable for garments such as skirts, pants and dresses where a visible zipper […]

Hose mit Gummizug nähen

How to sew elastic band: 4 easy ways to sew elastic band and elastic waist bands

Elastic bands are versatile and give your home-made garments the perfect fit. In this article on how to sew elastic band, we will show you step by step how to […]

Einfache Nähprojekte für Anfänger

8 simple sewing projects for beginners that are also really stylish!

Are you looking for simple sewing projects for beginners because you want to immerse yourself in the world of sewing and don’t know which project to start with? Starting out […]

Weihnachtsdeko DIY Baumschmuck

Sewing for Christmas 2023: 5 free patterns and DIY projects


Christmas is an inspiring time and probably the best opportunity to get creative and bring joy to family and friends. Are you still looking for sewing ideas for Christmas 2023 […]

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