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The 5 most popular JULIANA MARTEJEVS DIY kits and sewing patterns:

Win a Brother sewing machine or overlock


In two of your DIY kits or made-to-measure patterns for The Sally Sweater ordered until Christmas, we are hiding great prizes, namely a GOLDEN TICKET for a Brother Innov-is F560 sewing machine and one for a Brother 4234D overlock.

If you are the lucky winner, you will discover the ticket in your DIY kit or sewing pattern in a golden envelope and then send us an email with the ticket as a photo and get your machine sent to your home for free. Good luck! 🍀

Soon it will be that time of the year again!


That Christmas is already around the corner, you notice at the latest when you enter the supermarket or plan visits with friends to this year's Christmas markets. Therefore, it's exactly the right time to think about gifts. 🎁

To make things easier for you and save you time, we've put together a Gift Guide for you. What you have the best and most creative gifts under the Christmas tree this year, you can easily check out. We wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season - maybe there is even a project or two for you to sweeten the cold days?

By the way: All orders within Germany until 18.12. are guaranteed to arrive for Christmas.

Made-to-measure sewing patterns

There's nothing more frustrating than when a selfmade garment doesn't end up fitting. Because when you take the time to sew a garment yourself, you deserve it to be perfect.

That's why our sewing patterns are now available "Customized to your own measurements" in addition to the standard sizes. How does it work? Order the sewing pattern, measure yourself according to our instructions and enter your current measurements in our form. Our designers then construct your individual pattern. You'll receive it within a week of entering your measurements in paper form to your home or as a digital pattern via email and can start sewing without worrying that your garment won't end up fitting as expected.


May we introduce?


The new favorite craft in the JULIANA MARTEJEVS team: punch needling. Never heard of it? Then let us explain it to you briefly: Using a so-called punch needle, you embroider the fabric with an individual pattern by stitching from top to bottom through the small holes in our high-quality monk fabric. The rest happens by itself.

Then you sew the unique fabric together to make a slip over. Super easy and with a huge fun factor! 🥰


It works as simple as this


We all love trendy fashion! But let's appreciate our garments more again. How about we just make the next piece ourselves?

Number box

Choose your favorite DIY kit and we'll send you everything you need to make it, in the right amount, quickly and conveniently to your door.

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In our DIY tutorials we show you step by step how to achieve a professional result. You don't need any previous knowledge, according to customer Julia they are "idiot-proof"!


Experience the great feeling of having made a garment yourself and feel comfortable in the quality of our sustainable materials. So, what's your next DIY project?

This is what our community says...







"I still can't believe I did that. I'm so proud."
- Sarah, 28

"The tutorial was super fun, really great explanation and I think the bag turned out beautifully!"
- Maren, 31

"The delivery was very fast. The items were lovingly packed and leave nothing to be desired. I would buy here again anytime."
- Sybille

"I'm a big fan of the individuel sewing patterns. Previously I sewed with standard patterns from other brands and was never 100% satisfied with the result. JULIANA MARTEJEVS' made-to-measure sewing patterns just always fit."
- Yvonne, 44

A more sustainable (fashion) world is close to our hearts.


We love wool, alpaca, sweat
& all the cozy fabrics.

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