How DIY contributes to more sustainability

Sustainability through DIY? The most sustainable clothes are the ones we already own - there's no arguing about that. Still, we were looking for a solution to combine our passion for fashion with responsible consumerism. During our research, we realized that the solution is actually quite obvious: why don't we make our own clothes? With our concept we want to create an awareness of how much work goes into making a garment or accessory, and thereby achieve that our customers appreciate their new favorite piece, take care of it and wear it with pride for a long time.

At the same time, we take care to select our materials in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Together with the Use-less Cenrte for sustainable design strategies we investigated how DIY concepts, in which users create their own fashion, can contribute to more sustainability in the use of clothing. We want to change the fact that DIY fashion is not yet as sustainable as it could be. You can discover our 6-point concept below by clicking on the topic you are interested in. Let's revolutionize the DIY fashion world together!


We are proud to be a part of the traveling exhibition "USE-LESS - Slow Fashion against waste and ugly clothes", which was on display at the Kestner Museum in Hannover until mid-March 2022. We visited the exhibition ourselves and thought it was great! There were many stations explaining the entire cycle of a product and showing which sustainable innovations exist and where there is currently still room for improvement. That Do it Yourself means more than just having fun for an afternoon also quickly became clear in the exhibition.

DIY means appreciation. With our DIY sets, we reduce waste, pack and ship locally, use many certified and recycled materials, and ship CO2 neutral. We hope that after exploring our 6-point concept, you know how DIY contributes to sustainability in the apparel industry. Feel free to send us your thoughts via contact form because we are always curious to hear from you.

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