A reason to cheer: we are finalists in the StartUp-Impuls competition

Today we would like to tell you about our successful participation at the StartUp-Impuls competition report. The Lower Saxony competition is aimed at start-ups from the Hannover Region that have just been founded or are about to be founded. We applied with a pitch presentation and a short idea paper. A few weeks after submission, we got the news that we had made it into the top 80. As a result, we have now also been placed in one of three categories: namely, in the “University and Science” category due to our close collaboration with the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the USE-LESS Center for Sustainable Design Strategies.

In the subsequent round, we had 30 minutes to pitch our concept to a jury from the Hanover area and answer questions. We had a very good feeling, were able to answer all the questions confidently and were eager to see if we would also make it into the top 12. That was then also the case! We received a call from the organizer and were informed that we had already won a professional pitch training. What we learned there, we were then allowed to present in round 3 in front of the main jury – another presentation round, where we were allowed to present our pitch in a condensed form (only 5 minutes!). This was followed by an invitation to the award ceremony, where we were named a finalist at the end of March. Of course we were very happy about such a great recognition! The main prize for us was a professional image film about JULIANA MARTEJEVS. You can see the result here and on Watch YouTube . What do you say?

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