DIY Wertschätzung



Our parents surely still have pieces in their closet that they bought years ago and still wear today because they simply can't part with them. Meanwhile, we observe the opposite: fashion has become disposable. Trendy pieces can be bought at such incredibly low prices that they can be constantly replaced without thinking.  The value behind the pieces is quickly forgotten, especially due to the low price and the rapid trend cycles of fast fashion providers. We want to change that. 

DIY heart

With the incomparably great feeling of having made clothes ourselves, we want to raise awareness for the value of garments and extend trend cycles.
Our concept promotes this even before the purchase: Of course you will ask yourself which of our products you like so much that you want to put time and effort into making it.
Through our DIY tutorials and photo galleries, you will have an idea of what the garment will look like in the end before you order. This way you can be sure that you will love it and wear it. Our size charts will also help you make the right choice. The production of fashion requires not only work, but is also a lot of fun and one thing in particular: proud. This creates a real bond and a whole new sense of appreciation for your clothes. This means that your favorite piece of clothing will not be perceived as simply replaceable, but will be worn for a long time and with pleasure. DIY means appreciation! You will also learn this in the USE-less exhibition.

"I got a whole different perspective to garments.
JULIANA MARTEJEVS is an eye-opener!" - Sarah, 28

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