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Our concept not only facilitates the entire manufacturing process, but also reduces waste to a minimum. The materials included in our DIY kits arrive at your home already in the perfect quantity and have been explicitly selected for the respective project.

This will prevent you from choosing the wrong amount of fabric, which can make it difficult or impossible to make the garment you want, which can lead to you not finishing the piece or not wearing it because it doesn't fit as you had hoped. With our lay plans, we'll show you how to place and cut the pattern pieces onto the fabric as sparingly and sustainably as possible, so that you waste as little material as possible. Last but not least, our projects don't require you to buy a minimum amount of needles or fabric that will go to waste when the project is complete. To avoid wasting resources, you have the option on our website to deselect single items that you already have at home from your DIY kits.

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