THE STELLA SCARF | Knitting pattern


The scarf knitting pattern for a scarf with collar. With free scarf knitting pattern.

You can knit your own scarf with the scarf knitting pattern for a scarf with collar.

Project duration: about 12 hours

All materials are also available in a scarf knitting kit.



Winter is once again showing its worst side? Defy all weathers with The Stella Scarf knitting pattern for the scarf collar! Knit your new knitted scarf companion for the cold season. The scarf knitting pattern is absolutely beginner-friendly. Only knit and purl stitches are knitted. The special feature is the zipper in the collar of the scarf. You simply sew it in with a few hand stitches. With these simple knitting instructions, you can knit your own scarf with a collar and zipper.

  • Scarf knitting pattern in German and English with all measurements, steps and information on stitch samples
  • list of materials
  • detailed knitting tutorial (German with English subtitles)

Required materials

  • 10 balls of wool with a weight of 50g/76m
    (for tricolor option 2 skeins for the collar and 4 skeins each for the scarf)
  • 5mm / US8 knitting needles, 30cm (12in) long
  • a divisible zipper in a length of 15cm (6in)
  • sewing thread in matching colors and a sewing needle
  • a wool needle with a large eye
    Tip: We use wool made from 65% virgin wool and 35% alpaca for the Stella Scarf knitting pattern.
Video tutorial

Use the video sewing instructions to the pattern and sew along step by step with Juliana. If you’ve never sewn before, watch the sewing machine basics video tutorial first. There you will learn about the components of a sewing machine and how to sew your first seam.


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