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THE PUNCH SLIPOVER | Sewing pattern

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The sewing pattern for your new slipover.

With the sewing pattern “The Punch Slipover” you not only sew your new favorite piece yourself, but also finish it with a cool pattern with the Punch Needle. It comes with a free video tutorial.

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The new favorite craft in the JULIANA MARTEJEVS team: punch needling. Never heard of it? Then let us explain it to you briefly: Using what’s called a punch needle, you’ll embroider the fabric with a beautiful pattern by stitching from top to bottom through the small holes in your monk fabric. The rest happens by itself. Then, sew the unique fabric together to make your slipover. Super easy and a huge fun factor – promised! As always, Juliana explains exactly how to do it in our matching video tutorial. Just like the Basic Slipover, the Punch Slipover comes in two possible lengths: waist-length or hip-length.

You want the perfect fit?

There is nothing more frustrating than when a homemade garment ends up fitting poorly. That’s over now! Because when you take the time to sew a garment yourself, you deserve it to be perfect. That’s why our sewing patterns are now also available “Customized to your measurements”. How does it work? Order the option “Customized to your measurements”, measure yourself according to our instructions and enter your current measurements in our form. Our designers then construct your individual pattern. You will receive it within 1 to 2 weeks maximum after filling out the form as paper pattern or digitally via email and can start sewing without fear that your garment will not fit in the end as expected.


• sewing pattern for the slipover in German (in sizes XS-XXXL incl. all seam allowances or individually to your measurements, either as a paper pattern to cut out or as a PDF to download, print in DIN A4 or US Letter and glue together)
layplan for fabric-saving cutting
list of materials
detailed video tutorial (German only)

For this sewing pattern you need the following materials:
• medium-weight stretch knit or sweat fabric, e.g. French Terry at a fabric width of at least 140cm (1.5yd):
Short version: XS-XXL: 1,1m (1.2yd) | XXXL: 1,2m (1.3yd)
Longer version: XS-XXL: 1,3m (1.4yd) | XXXL: 1,5m (1.6yd)
• Vlieseline, e.g. H200 with a width of at least 90cm (1yd):
Short version: XS-XXXL: 60cm (0.66yd) | Long version: XS-XXXL: 75cm (0.82yd)
• wool to match the punch needle thickness:
For the “Checkerboard” design: Short version XS-XXXL: 1 skein, long version XS-XXXL: 2 skeins
For the “Fruit Punch” design: Short or long version XS-XXXL: 3 different skeins
• a punch needle
• an embroidery frame
• matching sewing thread
• sewing machine with sewing machine needle suitable for fabric thickness

Tip: We use a medium weight 100% cotton monk fabric with a weight of 320g/sqm for the Punch sweater.

Get an idea of your new DIY project:
Size chart

Which size is the right one? As always, take a look at our size chart. The key measurement for our The Punch Slipover is your chest circumference. Even if your measurement is slightly off, it’s not a problem! The loose cut allows for a cool and casual fit on all of us!

Dimensions in cm XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
Bust 82 86 90 96 102 108 116
Waist 62 66 70 76 82 88 96
Hip 90 94 98 104 110 116 122
What’s next?

Once you’ve gotten or downloaded your sewing pattern and have the materials together, look forward to the fun production process that follows! If you’ve never sewn before, check out our sewing machine basics video tutorial first. In just a few minutes you’ll learn all the basics you need for any JULIANA MARTEJEVS sewing project. Then just click on the DIY video tutorial that matches your project and get started!


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Size XS-XXXL, Customized to your measurements

Pattern type

Paper sewing pattern, PDF download

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