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Everything you need for your new favorite slipover – in one Sewing Kit. With free video tutorial.

First the fabric is decorated with a punch needling technique, then the slipover is sewn. A DIY project that is endless fun!

You can sew the slipover in sizes XS-S, M-L or XL.

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The new favorite craft in the JULIANA MARTEJEVS team: punch needling. Never heard of it? Then let us explain it to you briefly: Using a so-called punch needle, you embroider the fabric with an individual pattern by stitching from top to bottom through the small holes in our high-quality monk fabric. The rest happens by itself. Then, sew the unique fabric together to make your slipover. Super easy and a huge fun factor – promised! As always, Juliana explains exactly how to do it in our matching video tutorial. Just like the Basic Slipover, the Punch Slipover is available in two possible lengths: waist-length or hip-length.

The Punch Slipover belongs to the ready-to-sew category. Everything you need to make this DIY garment you will find in the Sewing Kit.

In your DIY Kit you will find:
  • high quality 100% cotton monk fabric
  • Fusible Interlining
  • Merino wool
  • sustainable, recycled quality sewing thread in matching color
  • one punch needle from Prym (deselectable)
  • one embroidery hoop made of wood (deselectable)
  • one JULIANA MARTEJEVS logo plate
  • the JULIANA MARTEJEVS fabric label
Additionally you need:
  • access to a sewing machine
  • two scissors (for paper and fabric)
  • a hand sewing needle
  • pins
Get an idea of your new DIY project:

In the tutorial for “The Basic Slipover” you will learn everything about cutting and sewing. In the tutorial for “The Punch Slipover” you will learn how to use the punch needle and how to punch patterns.

Size chart

You can sew the slipover in sizes XS-S, M-L or XL. Which one you sew, you decide when you cut the sewing pattern.

Which size is right for you? As always, take a look at our size chart. The crucial measurements for The Punch slipover are your chest and waist circumference.

Dimensions in cm XS S M L XL
Body height 167 167 167 167 167
Chest circumference 82 86 90 96 102
Waist circumference 62 66 70 76 82
Hip circumference 90 94 98 104 110

Outer fabric: 100% cotton
Punch yarn: 100% merino wool

What now?

When you receive your DIY Kit, unpack it and look forward to the fun production process that follows! If you’ve never sewn before, check out our sewing machine basics video tutorial first. In just a few minutes, you’ll learn all the basics you need for any JULIANA MARTEJEVS Ready-to-Sew product. Then simply click on the video instructions that match your DIY Kit and off you go!

Care instructions

Take care of your clothes and do something good for the environment. In order to enjoy your specially made pieces for as long as possible, we recommend washing them at low temperatures and without spinning. This protects the fabrics, preserves the cut and we use less energy.


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Europe-wide free shipping from an order value of 45€


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We love your custom JULIANA MARTEJEVS outfits and your creative combinations of your favorite pieces as much as seeing you in the fun process of making your JULIANA MARTEJEVS DIY pieces. For a chance to be featured on our Instagram channel or here, use the hashtag #JULIANAMARTEJEVSonME and tag @julianamartejevs_official on your photo.

Here you can view the full photo gallery with your best #JULIANAMARTEJEVSonME looks.


Waist Length, Hip length

Pattern color

Taupe, Pink, Red, Blue

Punch Needle

With Punch Needle (+€16), Without punch needle

Embroidery hoop

With embroidery hoop (+8€), Without embroidery hoop

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