THE POPPY BAG | Knitting Pattern


The knitting pattern and instructions for your new statement bag. With free video tutorial.

Make it pop: With the knitting pattern for The Poppy Bag statement bag, you can turn any outfit into a very special eye-catcher.

Project duration: about 6 hours

Hereyou can find all materials in one knitting kit.



Make it pop: With our instructions for the statement bag The Poppy Bag you can turn any outfit into a very special eye-catcher. Thanks to the simple knitting technique, you can quickly make your perfect companion for a shiny appearance from a noble satin.

  • Instructions for knitting (knitting pattern) for the bag in English and German with all measurements, steps and information about stitch samples.
  • list of materials
  • detailed video tutorial(German with English subtitles)

Required materials

  • 75m (82yd) satin ribbon with a width of 3.8cm (1.5in), e.g. polyester or silk
  • Knitting needles made of wood with a thickness of 15mm (0.6in), 35cm (14in) long
  • 2 rings (with place to open) with a diameter of 25mm (1in)
  • a pair of snap buttons with a diameter of 15mm (0.6in)
  • a woolen needle with a large eye
  • sewing thread in matching colors
  • two elastic rubber bands
    Tip: We use polyester satin ribbons for the Poppy Bag.
Video tutorial

You can find the video tutorial for the knitting bag here.


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