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Everything you need for your new bag strap – in one DIY Kit. With free video tutorial.

Together with lifestyle blogger Verena from Who is Mocca we have developed a multifunctional bag strap that comes in two different lengths. It can be used with your own bags.

Project duration: about 3 hours

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Lifestyle blogger Verena from Who is Mocca Says: “There’s already a lot of love in the Mocca Strap, but you make it great. The multi-functional handle is a sustainable key piece that can be used with a variety of bags or even attached to strollers. Use the creation as a little time out for yourself and let your work remind you again and again to take a breath. Life is too short to just let it pass you by.” Everything you need to make this accessory can be found in the DIY kit.

  • high quality paracords in two colors
  • two silver or gold snap hooks
  • one stainless steel paracord needle
  • detailed video tutorial (German with English subtitles)
Additionally needed
  • one pair of scissors
  • a lighter
Video tutorial

You can find the video tutorial for the macramé bag handle here.


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Short (up to 45cm length), Long (up to 85cm length), Set with both straps

Snap hooks

Gold, Silver

Color 1

White, Beige, Lilac, Yellow, Black

Color 2

White, Beige, Lilac, Yellow, Black

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