THE MILA BELT | Macramé Ebook


The macramé belt instructions. With free macramé belt video tutorial.

Fasten your seat belt, please! Add the finishing touch to your DIY outfit with the macramé instructions for The Mila Belt macramé belt.

Project duration: about 4 hours

All materials are also available in a macramé belt DIY kit.



Buckle up, please: Add the finishing touch to your DIY outfit with your DIY macramé belt. In the macramé belt instructions you will learn how to make your own macramé belt. And best of all, you will be able to knot it to your own length. The simple cross knots are very easy to learn and the belt is ideal as a beginner’s project in the world of macramé thanks to the repetitive knot style. Attention macramé beginners: Knot your own belt now – as individual as you are! We use paracord ribbons for the macramé belt because they are tear-resistant and easy to knot.

  • macramé belt instructions as an ebook with all measurements, steps and information (German and English)
  • list of materials
  • detailed macramé tutorial (German with English subtitles)

Required materials

  • 3.8mm (0.15in) thick paracord straps:
    For belt length up to 95cm (1yd): 16m (17.5yd) for outer color, 14m (15yd) for middle color
    For belt length up to 125cm (1.35yd): 21,5m (23.5yd) for outer color, 19m (21yd) for middle color
  • 1 belt buckle with a bar with a width of 4cm (1.5in)
  • a paracord needle for cords with a diameter of 3-4mm (0.15in)
  • a pair of scissors & a lighter
  • four rubber bands
    Tip: We use nylon paracord for the Mila Belt macramé belt.
Video tutorial

You can find the video tutorial for the macramé belt here.


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