Everything you need for your new favorite pants – in one Sewing Kit. With free video tutorial.

Comfort and style are mutually exclusive? Not with the DIY Kit for The Leslie Pants! The cool cut meets here pleasant fabrics and a comfortable elastic waistband. You can sew the pants in sizes XS-XXXL.

Project duration: about 6 hours

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Here you can buy the single sewing pattern.


Our pants The Leslie Pants as a DIY Kit is not only très chic, but also insanely comfortable – a real all-rounder! Choose between Snow Flake and Preppy Pinstripe and sew your new favorite pants. Everything you need to make this garment can be found in your sewing kit.

  • high quality face fabric in the right quantity
  • the sewing pattern to cut out in your size
  • GOTS certified color coordinated organic cotton lining
  • color matching recycled quality sewing thread
  • durable elastic band
  • the JULIANA MARTEJEVS fabric label
  • ebook (English, French & German) including: layplan, styling tips, list of materials, and written, illustrated sewing instructions
  • detailed sewing tutorial (German with English and French subtitles)
Additionally needed
  • access to a sewing machine
  • a hand sewing needle
  • a pair of fabric scissors
  • a pair of paper scissors
  • Pins

Snow Flake: 100% cotton
Preppy Pinstripe: 62% polyester, 32% viscose, 6% elastane

Individual length

As different as we all are personally, our legs are also different in length! So that we all sew the perfect length of The Leslie Pants and have neither too short pants, nor overlength, we have constructed the pattern pieces of the trousers in a changeable length. That is, you will find a line on the sewing pattern in your DIY Kit where you can easily cut open and shorten or lengthen the pattern. Our designer Juliana shows you exactly how in the DIY video tutorial for The Leslie Pants.

Find the right size

You can sew the pants in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL or XXXL. Which one you sew, you decide when you cut the sewing pattern.

Find the perfect size for you simply by using our size chart. Measure your chest, waist and hip circumference and check the chart to see which size most closely matches your own measurements. For The Leslie Pants, pay particular attention to the waist and hip measurements. But don’t worry, our pants The Leslie Pants fit many different figure types due to the comfortable elastic waistband.

Waist size of finished The Leslie Pants:
XS: Optimal for a waist circumference of 62-66cm (24-26 in)
S: Optimal for a waist circumference of 66-70cm (26-28in)
M: Optimal for a waist circumference of 70-76cm (28-30in)
L: Optimal for a waist circumference of 76-62cm (30-32in)
XL: Optimal for a waist circumference of 82-88cm (32-35in)
XXL: Optimal for a waist circumference of 88-94cm (35-37in)
XXXL: Optimal for a waist circumference of 94-100cm (37-40in)

Measurements in cm XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
Bust 82 86 90 96 102 108 116
Waist 62 66 70 76 82 88 96
Hip 90 94 98 104 110 116 122
Video tutorial

You can find the video instructions for the pattern here. If you’ve never sewn before, watch our sewing machine basics video tutorial first. There you will learn about the components of a sewing machine and how to sew your first seam.

Check out our FAQs or write us directly! We have the highest standards for our products. So if something does not meet your expectations, please contact us and we will solve the issue together.


We love your custom JULIANA MARTEJEVS outfits and your creative combinations of your favorite pieces as much as seeing you in the fun process of making your JULIANA MARTEJEVS DIY pieces. For a chance to be featured on our Instagram channel or here, use the hashtag #JULIANAMARTEJEVSonME and tag @julianamartejevs_official on your photo.

Here you can view the full photo gallery with your best #JULIANAMARTEJEVSonME looks.

Studio: Photographer: Tivan Zarkand | Model: Jessie Wang

Outdoor: Photographer: Inken Weber | Model: Gianna Sammartano | Make-up artist: Melina Sprick


XS or S, M, L or XL, XXL or XXXL


Preppy Pinstripe, Snow Flake

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