The digital sewing pattern for your new headband. With free video tutorial.

Create small memories, give something handmade as a gift or create for yourself – this is possible with the hairband pattern “The Frances Headband”.

Project duration: about 2 hours

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Hereyou can find all materials in one sewing kit.


Create small memories, give something handmade as a gift or create it for yourself – with a lasting thought. These were things that kept coming up in our conversations with fashion blogger Franziska Albrecht, known as Frances. Based on her ideas, we have created a beautiful accessory for you – the headband pattern The Frances Headband. You can make the headband with a simple hand sewing technique or a sewing machine.

  • Pattern for the hair band in German and English (as PDF download in DIN A4 and US Letter)
  • Material list with fabric recommendation
  • detailed video tutorial(German with English subtitles)
Required materials
  • Fabric, e.g. silk or linen: 15x80cm (6x31in)
  • Foam with a thickness of 1.5cm (0.6in): 8x50cm (3x20in)
  • color matching grosgrain ribbon
  • a hairband base
  • Hot glue or superglue
  • matching sewing thread
  • a hand sewing needle or a sewing machine with sewing machine needle suitable for the fabric thickness
    Tip: We use a lightweight silk satin made of 100% silk with a weight of 75g/sqm for the Frances Headband.

Video tutorial
You can find the video instructions for the pattern here. The headband can be made without a sewing machine with a simple hand sewing technique.

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Photographer: Jana Merz | Model: Theresa Meschede | Make-up artist: Eleonore Ising

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