THE CAPSULE WARDROBE | 12 Sewing patterns in a bundle

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Sewing bundle with 12 basic sewing patterns to sew your own wardrobe. With sewing tutorials for all sewing patterns.

Sew your own wardrobe with the basic sewing pattern bundle incl. patterns for pants, skirts, tops, dresses and accessories worth over €85.



Sew your own wardrobe! Welcome to the sewing bundle designed to empower you to create your own versatile DIY capsule wardrobe! Within this sewing pattern collection, you’ll discover 12 easy and basic sewing patterns, carefully curated to help you craft timeless garments that seamlessly integrate into your everyday style. Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a novice sewer, these basic sewing patterns will make you express your creativity while sewing a capsule wardrobe that reflects your unique taste and personality.

From a basic shirt pattern and basic dress pattern to chic dresses and outerwear, each pattern in this bundle is thoughtfully designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Designed for sewing beginners and beyond, these patterns are accompanied by clear illustrated, written sewing instructions and detailed sewing tutorials, making the sewing process very easy. Let’s start stitching with the capsule wardrobe sewing bundle and sew your own wardrobe, one seam at a time.

Why the sewing bundle is a must to sew your own wardrobe:

12 basic sewing Patterns:Get 12 beautiful basic sewing patterns, from basic skirt patterns, basic dress patterns to basic shirt patterns and basic t shirt patterns.

🧵 Easy sewing patterns: We have compiled 12 basic sewing patterns that are just as suitable for sewing beginners as for sewing professionals. All basic sewing patterns come with a pretty ebook where you’ll find all the information and tips on buying fabric, a lay plan, proper washing, etc. The sewing patterns are included in sizes XS-XXXL.

👗 With free style guide on how to sew your own wardrobe: In addition to the sewing patterns, we are giving you a comprehensive style guide on the idea of a capsule wardrobe, what fabrics to pick, and what patterns to combine.

🧑‍🎨 Endless creativity: Not only can you sew easy and cool sewing patterns, but you’ll learn how to sew your own wardrobe, creating favorite staple pieces. There are no limits to your creativity.

📐 Easy sewing instructions: Each pattern is accompanied by detailed written, illustrated sewing instructions and a video tutorial. So your sewing project will succeed in no time.

📅 Reusable: There are endless possibilities when choosing different fabrics for your sewing patterns and over 120+ outfit combinations possible.

📱 Digital comfort: The sewing bundle is digital. This means you can access it from anywhere. The sewing patterns are included in A4 and US Letter sizes to print at home. You will download all patterns immediately after the purchase.


  • 12 sewing patterns in English and German (in sizes XS-XXXL as PDF download in DIN A4 and US Letter)
  • Ebooks for each sewing pattern incl. material specifications, lay plans, and written, illustrated sewing instructions
  • detailed sewing tutorials (German with English subtitles) for each sewing pattern
  • style guide for sewing your own wardrobe

These are the 12 sewing patterns included in the sewing bundle:

Jeans sewing pattern „The Dina Jeans“, Sweater vest sewing pattern „The Basic Slipover“, Turtleneck sewing pattern „The Basic Turtleneck“, Pants sewing pattern „The Leslie Pants“, Easy skirt sewing pattern „The Holly Skirt“, Mini dress sewing pattern „The Delilah Dress“, Shirt sewing pattern „The Noella Blouse“, Basic T shirt sewing pattern „The Basic T-Shirt“, Beanie sewing pattern „The Sophie Beanie“, Kimono sewing pattern „The Basic Kimono“, Denim jacket sewing pattern „The Jean Jacket“, Tote bag sewing pattern „The Yasmine Bag“

Size chart

Measurements in cm







82 86 90 96 102 108 116

62 66 70 76 82 88 96

90 94 98 104 110 116 122

Video tutorial

Use the video sewing instructions to the pattern and sew along step by step with Juliana. If you’ve never sewn before, watch the sewing machine basics video tutorial first. There you will learn about the components of a sewing machine and how to sew your first seam.


Check the FAQs or contact us directly! JULIANA MARTEJEVS modern sewing patterns have the highest quality standards. So if something does not meet your expectations, please contact us and we will solve the issue together.

Customize your sewing pattern

Want to customize patterns to your body measurements or individual designs? Check out Picknsew® if you are interested in custom sewing patterns.


We love your custom JULIANA MARTEJEVS outfits and your creative combinations of your favorite pieces as much as we love seeing you have fun making your JULIANA MARTEJEVS sewing projects. For a chance to be featured on our Instagram channel or here, use the hashtag #JULIANAMARTEJEVSonME and tag @julianamartejevs_official on your photo.

Check out the sewing pattern gallery for the most beautiful #JULIANAMARTEJEVSonME-Looks.

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