Sewing for Christmas 2023: 5 free patterns and DIY projects

Christmas is an inspiring time and probably the best opportunity to get creative and bring joy to family and friends. Are you still looking for sewing ideas for Christmas 2023 or a gift for sewing enthusiasts for Christmas and don’t know exactly where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place! Relax and try out 5 free Christmas patterns, Christmas sewing projects and other free DIY projects for the festive season.

How it works: Choose one of 5 free sewing ideas for Christmas below. Simply download the free pattern for your project in PDF format and then follow the DIY or sewing instructions. We hope you enjoy being creative!

Here are 5 free patterns for Christmas 2023:

  • Sewing decoration for the Christmas tree with embroidery technique (Christmas sewing project for the whole family)
  • Crochet your own Christmas tree decorations with The Ugly Christmas Sweater crochet pattern (suitable for beginners)
  • Sew your own festive scrunchie (Christmas sewing ideas for beginners)
  • Sew your own tote bag for Christmas (suitable for hobby sewers)
  • Design your own Christmas card (craft project for the whole family)

Sewing ornaments for the Christmas tree with embroidery technique

Sewing your own Christmas tree decorations is easy with the free pattern set for your DIY Christmas tree decorations and a simple embroidery technique. Your leftover fabrics finally have a use! With this fun Christmas sewing project, you can let your creativity run wild and end up with unique Christmas decorations to hang up or give as gifts!

Make your own Christmas tree decorations
Do-it-yourself Christmas tree decorations

What you need for your homemade tree decorations:

Here’s how it works – follow the step-by-step instructions for a handmade Christmas tree decoration:

Free pattern for cutting out tree decorations
Free pattern for cutting out tree decorations

Download your free Christmas sewing pattern for decorating your tree here, print it out, cut it out and place it on your chosen location on your doubled fabric (the seam allowance is already included in the pattern).

The right side of the fabric on top is facing you and the right side of the bottom fabric layer is facing down.

Pin pattern to fabric Cut out pattern
Pin the pattern onto the fabric
Cutting out the pattern
Cutting out the pattern

Pin the pattern through both layers of fabric with a few pins and cut around the paper.

Cut around the fabric
Cut around the fabric

Now remove the pattern and pin only the two layers of fabric together with pins close to the edge. A space of approx. 5 cm is left out to fill the tree decoration.

Threading the yarn
Threading the yarn

Now thread the embroidery thread twice into your needle (approx. 20 cm) and stitch 0.5-1 cm away from the edge through the layers of fabric. Remove the pins at the point where you are embroidering and stitch all the way around. Leave a small opening for the wadding.

Locking the yarn
Locking the yarn
Go through the loop
Go through the loop
Tighten and repeat
Tighten and repeat

For a detailed explanation of the embroidery technique with video, take a look at our free YouTube tutorial from minute 3:09 onwards on the embroidery coat The Kelly Coat.

Filling tree decorations
Filling tree decorations

Now fill your tree decoration with your filling material through the open section and then close the remaining section.

Form a loop for hanging up the decoration
Form a loop for hanging up the decoration

The yarn is sewn back together at the end. You can use the remaining yarn as a loop to hang up your homemade Christmas decorations.

Decorate DIY decorations as desired
Decorate DIY decorations as desired

You can now decorate your tree decorations as you wish with scraps of fabric or sewn-on buttons.

Have fun decorating or giving as a gift!

Would you like to get started with a larger Christmas sewing project and would you like to sew an entire garment using the simple embroidery technique without a sewing machine?

With the winter coat without a sewing machine sewing pattern The Kelly Coat, you can embroider your own garments easily with a free video tutorial.

The best thing: The sewing project is also available as a coat without sewing machine sewing kit, which contains all the materials you need to embroider the coat yourself, including the scarf.

Winter coat for embroidery
Coat sewing kit

Crochet your own tree decorations with The Ugly Christmas Sweater crochet pattern

Everyone knows the ugly socks or the ugly sweater as a Christmas present, but this Ugly Christmas Sweater is guaranteed to make your loved ones happy! So you can crochet beautiful little things for Christmas or give the perfect little gift for Christmas with a personal touch.

With the free crochet pattern you can crochet those DIY christmas decorations for your tree or you can give away as gift. It’s easier than you think and a lot of fun!

Crochet your own Christmas decorations
Crochet your own Christmas decorations

What you need to crochet the Ugly Christmas Sweater yourself:

  • Free crochet pattern
  • Ball of wool (50g) 4mm thread thickness
  • Crochet hook 2.5
  • Crochet hook 3.5
  • Wool needle
  • Scissors

Would you like to give something larger, homemade as a gift or would you like to knit your own winter accessories with these simple instructions?

Then The Zoe Gloves knitting pattern or The Zoe Gloves as a wrist warmer knitting kit and the shoulder bag knitting pattern or the shoulder bag (Wool Edition) as a bag sewing kit are guaranteed to be the right craft kit for Christmas for you.

Knitting pattern cuffs
Hand warmers for knitting
Bag for knitting
Knitted shoulder bag

Sew your own festive scrunchie

A Christmas sewing project without a sewing machine. These festive scrunchies are super fun to sew and are perfect for friends, cousins, aunts, sisters or mothers as a quick sewing idea for Christmas. Would you like to know how to sew these practical hair accessories? Learn how to sew Christmas scrunchies quickly and easily with the free scrunchie sewing video tutorial and the free scrunchie pattern!

Sew your own scrunchies
Scrunchies to sew yourself
Sew scrunchies
Sewing gift idea for Christmas

What you need for your homemade scrunchies:

Or: Scrunchie sewing kit with all materials in the right quantity.

You can also give the festive scrunchie for sewing as a scrunchie sewing kit to your creative loved ones or use the materials in it yourself, as the scrunchie sewing kit contains the right amount of everything you need to sew a scrunchie (2 pieces) (scissors, pencil and ruler excluded). With free scrunchie video tutorial.

The scrunchie is not the right hair accessory for you or your loved ones? How about a headband suitable for the festive season? The festive headband is available as a headband pattern with free video instructions or, as always, as a headband sewing kit. Don’t want to choose between a hairband and a scrunchie? With the scrunchie and hairband set, you’ll have the ideal craft kit for Christmas and can sew the perfect Christmas gifts! Simply select the “Headband and scrunchie set” variant.

Have fun with it!

Hair bands pattern
Accessories for Christmas
Pattern Scrunchie
Do-it-yourself hairband

Sewing a tote bag for Christmas

The tote bag with ruffles is a real eye-catcher and perfect for carrying Christmas presents. Sew your own timeless tote bag or give it as a Christmas gift with the free pattern for a tote bag with ruffles. You don’t need any previous experience, just follow the free bag video tutorial, place a few Christmas cookies next to the sewing machine and follow the steps at your leisure.

Sewing instructions bag
How to sew a bag
Tote bag pattern
Tote bag with free pattern

This is what you need to sew the tote bag with ruffles:

Or: Carrier bag sewing kit with all materials in the right quantity.

Sewing kit bag
Craft Kit for Christmas as a gift for sewing enthusiasts – The bag sewing kit

The tote bag with ruffles is also available in the form of a bag sewing kit. All materials are included, including high-quality fabric, sewing thread, gold logo plate, JULIANA MARTEJEVS fabric label and press studs.

All you need is access to a sewing machine, iron and ironing board. Have fun sewing and giving away or carrying your practical tote bag!

Do you fancy a tote bag, but have a different design in mind? Very cool, just design your own bag for Christmas! Not only is it great fun, it’s also really easy with the Picknsew® 3D pattern designer. Here you can decide for yourself whether you want ruffles on your bag or not, whether your bag should be large or small and whether it should have additional pockets or not. You can then print out the matching pattern free of charge.

Design your own Christmas card

Don’t want to buy any more boring or cheesy cards for Christmas? – Then design your own personalized cards this year!

With the free DIY Christmas card video tutorial, you’ll learn how to embroider your card with twigs and berries and how to tie beautiful, symmetrical bows that are guaranteed to make your Christmas cards special and personal. Designing them yourself is a meditative activity for your relaxation between the Christmas hustle and bustle or for creative fun with the whole family. Simply follow the link to the free Christmas card video tutorial and start embroidering!

Make your own Christmas card
DIY Christmas card
Homemade card for Christmas
Homemade cards for Christmas

This is what you need for your homemade Christmas card:

  • Free DIY Christmas card video tutorial
  • Blank folded card (you can paint it as you wish before embroidering)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • A little glue, e.g. hot glue, superglue or similar (optional)
  • Scissors

Or: The DIY Christmas card kit with all the materials you need in one set.

The set contains a Christmas card illustrated by us plus all the materials (except glue and scissors) you need to embroider it and to add a bow. Order the card for several of your loved ones and get a discount!

For more sewing ideas for Christmas, DIY fun or gift ideas for Christmas to sew yourself, take a look at our store at Among other things, you will find a DIY Advent calendar with greatly reduced high-quality patterns with instructions.

We wish you a creative and relaxed Christmas season and lots of fun giving your Christmas DIYs as gifts!

Advent calender sewing patterns
Advent calender sewing patterns
Sewing Patterns Advent Calendar 2023
Download pattern

Tip from Santa himself: To ensure that your DIY projects and gifts arrive in time for Christmas Eve (December 24th), you should place your order on by December 19th at the latest. If you live outside Germany, until December 11th and outside Europe until November 28th.

We wish you and your family a merry and peaceful Christmas season!

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