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Sewing a zipper into jeans: How you can easily sew a zipper into jeans as a sewing beginner

A basic sewing technique is the insertion of a zipper in jeans. A well-fitted metal zipper is not only functional, but also gives your homemade jeans a high-quality look. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew a zipper into jeans yet! Because we will guide you through every step. Using the jeans pattern The Dina Jeans as an example, we will show you how to easily sew in a metal zipper.

If you want to get straight into sewing in the jeans zipper, you can also get the jeans sewing kit and get started.

1. What you need
2. Sew in zipper jeans with sewing instructions
3. Zipper patterns

What you need

  • Fabric of your choice to match your chosen pattern
  • zipper in the correct length and color
  • pins or fabric clips
  • sewing machine with zipper foot for sewing machine
  • iron

Sew in zipper jeans as sewing instructions

Preparing the zipper fly jeans

Preparing the zipper fly jeans

Fold the zipper fly in half right sides together along the long side and pin and close one short side.

Zipper fly jeans

Turn the zipper fly over and serge the open long side.

Pin the zipper

Sew in metal zipper

Open the zipper and place right sides together on the left trouser leg with the short seam allowance. Leave 1cm (7/16in) space above the zipper teeth to the edge.

Sewing zipper

Place the zipper fly with the serged edge against the edge of the zipper and the seam allowance and pin all three pieces.

Sewing the fly front zipper

Sew in jeans zipper

First close the pinned seam with all three layers from the wrong side of the fabric. Then topstitch close to the edge on the trouser leg from the right side.

Sewing a metal zipper in pants
Sewing the fly front zipper

Close the zipper and pin the top front edge to the bottom layer. Fold away the zipper fly and temporarily pin it in place.

Fly zipper pattern

Pin the zipper from the wrong side to the long seam allowance of the right leg and sew both layers together. Then fold the zipper fly back and secure the corner of the fly to the long seam allowance with a small bar tack.

Topstitch zipper

Topstitch zipper

Mark the line of the outer seam with chalk and topstitch from the right side. With the metal teeth, make sure that the needle only pierces next to them and not on the teeth themselves.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to sew in a jeans zipper!

If you would like to see more detailed video instructions on the topic of “Sewing zippers into jeans”, watch the jeans zipper sewing tutorial. You can see how to sew a zipper into jeans in the zipper chapter from minute 22:56.

Zipper patterns

There are lots of patterns for pants, skirts or pockets into which you have to sew a metal zipper. Now that you have mastered the technique, download a suitable fly front zipper pattern straight away. The following zipper patterns are recommended to use the technique exactly as described above.

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