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DIY Advent Calendar The Chrissy Kimono
DIY Advent Fashion Box The Chrissy Kimono

Fabrics instead of chocolate: Do you fancy a DIY advent calendar this year?
Then our The Chrissy Kimono Advent DIY fashion box is just the thing for you.

With The Chrissy Kimono DIY Advent Calendar, you’ll get a little closer to your new favorite piece every day. You’ll sew your own patchwork-style kimono jacket with the help of our DIY video tutorial by our designer Juliana step by step ready. Just like a classic Advent calendar, the box contains 24 sachets with everything you need to make your new favorite item. In addition to five different fabrics made from pure cotton, which come from overproduction (Circular Fashion Standard) and would otherwise have been destroyed, you will find in the advent calendar

  • five push buttons in silver
  • the pattern in your selected size
  • sustainable recycled quality sewing thread
  • a JULIANA MARTEJEVS fabric label

The Chrissy Kimono belongs to the Ready-to-Sew category. Everything you need to make this designer garment can be found in your DIY fashion box. All you need is access to a sewing machine. You’ve never sewn before? Don’t worry, in our basics video we explain everything you need to know about sewing on a sewing machine.

What we particularly like about the Advent calendar? That something of the contemplative time remains with you beyond Advent – all year long:

That way, you’ll have some of that reflective time – all year long. Because The Chrissy Kimono is a real highlight in the closet and can be super styled for any occasion.


If you feel like getting creative during Advent, you can easily store the DIY Advent calendar at www.julianamartejevs.com. Be super happy to share your DIY process and result with us on Instagram. To do so, simply tag @julianamartejevs and use the hashtag #JULIANAMARTEJEVSonME on your pictures and in your stories.

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