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Happy Easter! This is how our The Bunny t-shirt was created

Hello dear ones! The entire team of JULIANA MARTEJEVS wishes you happy and reflective holidays in this difficult time. Today, we’d like to take you on a little journey that the Bunny T-shirt has gone on with us and tell you why we’ve grown so fond of it. Actually, the plan was to create a small Easter edition, and incorporate Juliana’s trendy bunny drawing into the existing collection. After a few meetings in the team, we grew so fond of the cute Bunny that we were sure: This Bunny T-Shirt gets a permanent place at JULIANA MARTEJEVS. It is no longer “just” a seasonal special, but THE it-piece for the whole spring and summer, which makes our hearts leap higher. We’re excited about Juliana’s unique illustration combined with the casual oversized cut, and can’t wait to see your styling ideas under the hashtag #JULIANAMARTEJEVSonMe to watch.

“In the bunny illustration I made, I combine my very spontaneous and artistic illustration style with rough brush and chalk strokes with a motif, which probably makes pretty much all hearts leap higher.”

-Juliana Martejevs, designer

Enjoy the holidays, take advantage of the first rays of sunshine and above all stay healthy!

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