DIY fashion story with macramé lover Vinh | “My faithful companion”.

We are always so excited to hear from you about your experience making your JULIANA MARTEJEVS Pieces! In our latest DIY fashion story, Vinh told us about her experience with our The Market Bag. The 29-year-old has a real passion for macramé, which she usually lives out on and for TheseKnots. Therefore, we are of course even more pleased that she likes the knotted bag, but also our concept so much: “I think it’s especially great that you deliver the boxes directly to the home […]. Also, I like that you combined the whole thing with an online video. I think it’s so much easier and more intuitive when you can see what the other person is doing and just knot after.”

You can watch the full DIY fashion story at the bottom of this post or directly on YouTube. We think: your The Market Bag in macramé look looks great, dear Vinh!

You also fell in love with The Market Bag ? For the matching DIY fashion box, go here. Pssst… by the way, The Market Bag is made from 100% recycled cotton yarns. 

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You have already tried a JULIANA MARTEJEVS DIY fashion box and would like to tell us about your experience? Then feel free to send us an email at

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