arabellamandarella`s The Market Bag Review

The Market Bag DIY macramé bag
Arabella`s The Market Bag

Have you ever thought about knotting our The Market Bag, but aren’t sure you’re up for making it yet? The dear Arabella from the blog arabellamandarella tried the matching DIY fashion box and wrote a detailed review. There she tells you how she liked it and tells you what you need to know to make it.

arabellamandarella stands for inspiring and easy tutorials with boho vibes that I guarantee anyone can replicate. You’ll find step-by-step DIY tutorials on topics like macramé, modeling clay, decorating, jewelry and more.

Arabella, the creative mind behind the DIY blog, has been involved with step by step macramé how-tos for a very long time and is a real pro at writing beginner tutorials. She has knotted the Market Bag herself and summarized her experiences and helpful tips and tricks for you. So feel free to check her out – Here’s the review.

I’m not usually a fan of video-only macramé tutorials myself. However, the video instruction for the macramé bag is like this simply and designed in detail for beginners, so that written step-by-step instructions absolutely not necessary.”

Arabella from DIY blog arabellamandarella

Want to see more of Arabella and her DIY projects? Then take a look at her Instagram account.
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