8 simple sewing projects for beginners that are also really stylish!

Are you looking for simple sewing projects for beginners because you want to immerse yourself in the world of sewing and don’t know which project to start with? Starting out in the world of sewing can be a little intimidating, but simple sewing projects for beginners make getting started a real pleasure! We’re not talking about complicated garments here (not yet!), but super beautiful, mega-simple projects that will awaken your creativity and expand your sewing skills. In this article, we present 8 cool sewing projects that are perfect for diving into the colorful world of sewing. So let’s dive into the world of fabric magic together!

1. Simple sewing projects for beginners WITHOUT a sewing machine
2. Your first sewing project: suitable for beginners without sewing experience
3. Cool sewing projects for beginners with some sewing experience
4. Beginner-friendly sewing projects for anyone who wants to learn something new

1. Simple sewing projects for beginners without a sewing machine

The adventure of sewing often begins with small but rewarding projects. For beginners, it is important to start with sewing projects that are quick and easy to make. If you’re a sewing beginner, don’t own a sewing machine and are looking for inspiring projects to spark your creativity, then you’ve come to the right place.
In this first chapter, we present two fascinating projects that will not only put a smile on the faces of beginners, but can also be made without a sewing machine. If you need help learning how to work with patterns, you can find a YouTube tutorial on the topic of working with multi-size patterns here.

Beginner sewing project: Sew your own scrunchies without a sewing machine

Simple sewing projects for beginners
Fig.1 – Sew your own scrunchies easily without a sewing machine

We start this chapter by introducing you to the backstitch and the staffier stitch – simple hand stitches that we will use in our first project. The backstitch is a basic sewing technique in which the needle is passed through the fabric and then back through the same point. This hand stitch is very similar to the seam of a sewing machine. The stitch is made on the wrong side of the fabric and is characterized by its strength, which makes it ideal for beginners.

The staffier stitch is used to sew hems on the right side of the fabric. The seam changes from one layer of fabric to the next after each stitch. The Silvie Scrunchies hairbands are the ideal project for beginners! All you need is a strip of fabric, which you can even use from leftover fabrics. These accessories are not only easy to make, but also stylish and practical gift ideas. Watch the YouTube tutorial for “The Silvie Scrunchies” here, and we’ll show you step by step how to use the backstitch and the staffier stitch and how you can easily sew the hairbands yourself. You can find the free pattern here.

If you are still unsure about your fabric choice, order the complete DIY kit for “The Silvie Scrunchies”. It contains the right amount of everything you need to sew the scrunchies.

Beginner sewing project: Sewing a short jacket without a sewing machine

Beginner sewing project
Fig.2 – Short jacket with embroidery embellishment without sewing machine

The next hand stitch technique we would like to introduce to you is called the festoon stitch, also known as satin stitch or long stitch. This hand stitch is often used to decorate fabric edges. The embroidery stitch is ideal for fabric edges as it finishes the fabric and prevents fraying. The stitch is sewn in such a way that a loop is formed between two seams after each penetration of the fabric. As the next project for absolute beginners, we recommend The Nelly Coat as the perfect beginner’s project for a self-sewn garment! With the simple embroidery technique, you can sew your own jacket by hand in no time at all, i.e. without a sewing machine. This embroidery technique gives the jacket an individual touch with a collar and two patch pockets. In the YouTube tutorial for The Nelly Coat you can see step by step exactly how this special embroidery technique works. You can find the pattern for the short jacket here.

If you want to make things even easier, simply order the complete sewing kit for The Nelly Coat short jacket. It contains the right amount of everything you need to sew the short jacket.

2. Your first sewing project: suitable for beginners without sewing experience

After we delved into the world of sewing by hand in the first chapter and introduced you to two great sewing projects without a sewing machine, we would now like to present you with simple sewing projects that are particularly suitable for beginners as their very first project. We have also prepared a YouTube tutorial for you so that you can familiarize yourself with your sewing machine before you start sewing and learn the basics of sewing on the sewing machine.

Before starting the actual sewing project, it is important to get to know your sewing machine. This means grab a simple piece of fabric and start by sewing straight lines. This will give you a feel for how your sewing machine sews. It also makes sense to familiarize yourself with different materials such as jersey fabric, denim etc. to develop a basic feel for sewing on the sewing machine. Then you can start your first sewing project.

Beginner sewing project: Sew your own jersey T-shirt

Sew your own T-shirt
Fig.3 – Sew your own simple T-shirt

Simple cuts and loose silhouettes are particularly suitable as easy projects for sewing beginners. In this way, you can learn the basics such as sewing a straight seam, practise using a multi-size pattern and ironing between the work steps. If you want to sew something other than the typical potholders and cushion covers, we recommend sewing a jersey T-shirt like The Oversized T-shirt. The simple and detailed YouTube tutorial explains all the steps for sewing “The Oversized T-Shirt” step by step. You can find the YouTube tutorial for “The Oversized T-Shirt” here.

Thanks to the simple pattern and easy-to-understand instructions, the jersey T-shirt sewing project is the perfect introduction to the world of sewing. The versatility of this simple sewing project gives you the opportunity to experiment with different jersey fabrics to emphasize your personal style.

You can find the sewing pattern for The Oversized T-Shirt here. The Oversized T-Shirt sewing kit is also available for the T-shirt.

Beginner sewing project: Sew your own bucket hat

Beginner sewing bucket hat
Fig.4 – Sewing a simple bucket hat yourself

Sounds like a complicated accessory at first, but it’s actually not! The fisherman’s hat sewing project teaches you how to join pattern pieces, how to use interfacing correctly and how to sew neat, parallel seams. With this simple and easy-to-understand YouTube tutorial, you will learn step by step how to sew your own bucket hat. This fisherman’s hat is not only stylish, but also easy to sew. Die Schnittteile sind überschaubar, was das Projekt besonders für Nähanfänger attraktiv macht.

The Bucket Hat is not only a fashion statement, but also a great gift idea. Experiment with different fabrics and patterns to emphasize your personal style. The project offers the opportunity to get creative and design an individual accessory. You can watch the bucket hat video sewing tutorial here. You can easily download the fishing hat pattern The Bucket Hat and for the simple sewing project there is also a complete fishing hat sewing kit The Bucket Hat, which contains everything you need to make your own fishing hat.

3. Cool sewing projects for beginners with some sewing experience

If you’ve sewn before but would still consider yourself a beginner, in this third chapter of our journey through the basics of sewing, we’ll show you two exciting but simple sewing projects that are particularly suitable for sewing beginners with little experience. By “little experience” we mean that you have already gotten to know your sewing machine and have gained experience with a few materials, such as cotton or jersey fabric.

The upcoming projects are simple garments that are well suited for do-it-yourself sewers. However, they might have an extra trick that might seem challenging for sewing beginners at first. However, we try to explain this aspect as well as possible in our YouTube sewing tutorials and written, illustrated instructions. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting sewing projects together and discover how you can take your sewing skills to the next level.

Sew a simple top with a cowl neckline

Sewing your first garment
Fig.5 – Sewing a top with a cowl neck and facing

Sewing facings sounds challenging at first. However, the construction of the Elly Top sewing pattern does not make this difficult at all. Together with the sophisticated waterfall collar, the top can be sewn in no time and can be a positive sewing experience for any beginner. The Elly Top is an elegant yet uncomplicated project that is ideal for beginners with some experience. With a sophisticated pleat detail at the neckline, this top will be an eye-catcher in any closet. Sew step by step with the YouTube cowl neck sewing instructions for “The Elly Top”. With clear instructions and a touch of sophistication, The Elly Top is a great project to deepen your sewing experience. It not only offers a stylish addition to your wardrobe, but also the opportunity to familiarize yourself with more advanced sewing techniques. The Elly top sewing pattern with cowl neck can be found here.

Trousers for beginners
Fig.6 – Simple trousers for beginners

Sewing pants involves a few details such as pockets, waistband finishing, pleats in the right places and more. That sounds like a lot of work, so choosing a simple trouser pattern is crucial for beginners. The Leslie Pants are a great example of a simple pants pattern. You will learn how to easily sew pockets with lined pockets, an elastic waistband and pleats. This simple sewing project is the perfect addition for sewing beginners with some experience who want to create a trendy outfit themselves. The combination of the sophisticated The Elly Top and the comfortable The Leslie Pants results in an outfit that is not only modern, but also made by you. The detailed video sewing instructions for a simple pair of pants can be found here. You can find the straight pants sewing pattern for The Leslie Pants here.

If you are unsure about your fabric choice or would like a ready-made sewing kit for your cool and simple pants, take a look at the sewing kit for The Leslie Pants.

4. Beginner-friendly sewing projects for anyone who wants to learn something new

In this fourth chapter, we move on to somewhat more challenging sewing projects that can still be mastered by beginners with a little experience. The projects we are about to present are not only stylish garments, but also offer the opportunity to learn new sewing techniques and improve your own skills. A little challenge never hurt anyone and you’ll be super proud when you hold the finished piece in your hand! All the sewing projects presented are accompanied by detailed video instructions. We want to encourage you to try out new techniques and deepen the joy of sewing by discovering new skills!

Skirt for beginners: Sewing a tiered skirt with gathers

Skirt for sewing beginners
Fig.7 – Sewing a tiered skirt with gathers

Sewing a skirt is one of the easiest sewing projects for beginners. So how about learning how to gather lengths of fabric? This technique looks great, and with a few tips it’s also super easy. Adding an elastic waistband is also not as difficult as it looks, and the result always fits like a glove! Try the simple tiered skirt pattern The Abbie Skirt to learn these simple techniques. The Abbie Skirt is an exciting sewing project that is perfect for beginners with some experience. This pattern makes it possible to create an elegant tiered skirt with a comfortable elastic waistband. When gathering, it is important that the pleats are evenly distributed along the upper section of a skirt tier. You can learn tips and tricks on how to easily sew even gathers yourself with the tiered skirt sewing tutorial, which show the special techniques for The Abbie Skirt in detail and guide you through the entire sewing process. The tiered skirt sewing pattern The Abbie Skirt is available here. The skirt sewing kit with all the materials in the right quantities is available here.

Sewing in a zipper for beginners: Simple dress pattern

Dress pattern for beginners
Fig.8 – Simple dress pattern for beginners

A seam-covered zipper is part of a beautiful, elegant and close-fitting dress. Sewing a zipper like this falls into the “advanced” category. But don’t worry, if you follow a few tips and steps, even a seam-covered zipper will work in the hands of a sewing beginner. With the right presser foot and evenly pinning the zipper to the outer fabric, the concealed zipper is finished in no time at all. If you need instructions on how to shorten a zipper, we can recommend this “How to shorten a zipper” blog article from Picknsew®. The A-line dress pattern The Rory Dress is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to try their hand at making a dress. This beautiful dress is not only an eye-catcher, but can also be made by beginners with a little experience. You can find detailed dress sewing instructions for concealed zippers here. If you are unsure about choosing the right fabric, simply select your favorite color in The Rory Dress sewing kit and have the fabric and trims sent to your home.

In conclusion, we’d like to emphasize that sewing can be quite accessible and fulfilling for beginners with the right resources and guidance. It is advisable to work with high-quality video sewing instructions and written, illustrated sewing instructions. This means that even rather demanding processing techniques can be learned in a simple and understandable way. The world of sewing is diverse, and even beginners can successfully tackle projects that may seem challenging at first.

JULIANA MARTEJEVS modern sewing patterns not only offer the opportunity to create beautiful garments, but also to learn valuable sewing techniques. The free sewing tutorials serve as an instructive guide to understanding and implementing the new skills in the best possible way. So, grab a needle and thread or your sewing machine and dive into the world of (advanced) sewing beginners!

You can find an even larger selection of simple and modern patterns here.
Have fun designing and sewing!

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