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Christmas in London / Mein Guide für die besten Hotspots zur Weihnachtszeit

Und mal wieder auf Englisch, denn hier folgt mein nächster Blogbeitrag, den ich für meine Uni geschrieben habe. Dieses Mal über meine liebsten Hotspots in London – einer Stadt, die im Winter mindestens genauso schön ist, wie im Sommer!

Coming from Germany I have high expectations regarding Christmas decoration and winter markets. The happier I was when I explored London in Christmas time and saw that there are so many beautifully decorated spots, nice markets and the most delicious food! Of course I would like to share these experiences with you and therefore I created a little London Christmas Guide where I would like to keep you updated with the most beautiful spots around the city!


Always one of my favourite places in London and even better when it comes to Christmas!

In Soho we have the amazing Seven Dials Market, which is already without Christmas, worth a visit because you can have the most delicious food there from all around the world. Now the street is decorated very nicely and also inside they have a wonderful Christmas tree!

Leadenhall Market

Who knows the Harry Potter Story as good as me knows maybe also some fun facts about behind the books and about J.K. Rowling. She was inspired by the Leadenhall Market! It is an amazing hall with little shops and restaurants and the architecture is just mind-blowing. Now, again in Christmas time, it looks even cozier and reminds of the magic world of Harry Potter & co. Have a look!

Spitalfields Market

You may already guess it – I love all the markets around London as they have so many things to explore! One that I also always like to visit is the Spitalfields Market. Both old and new. Right now, the huge halls are filled with lights on the ceiling and very nice arrangements with firs in the entrance. 

They built also the perfect selfie spot with a wonderful bench surrounded with many, many flowers and firs.

Oxford Street & Piccadilly Circus

Of course, the Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus must be included in this Christmas Guide in London. The huge shopping street and the square that never sleeps has its own very special atmosphere. People rushing around searching for presents everywhere and lights above the red busses – you should not miss this!

Carnaby Street

Last but not least my favourite Christmas spot in London: The amazing Carnaby Street! We all know the classic decoration with golden balls, lights and Christmas trees. We can find it everywhere around the city. But here, in Carnaby Street, we find a totally different decoration. There have been different topics in the last years. This year it is all about the ocean and saving the ocean! You can find fish, whales, crabs and so many more animals from the ocean. And the best thing is: they are huge and they are very, very colourful! It looks like you are in some kind of fairy tale, swimming with Arielle the Mermaid, but you are in Central London actually! I could not believe my eyes when I first visited the street, it is beyond amazing!

I hope your Christmas time is not too stressful with all the assessments and hand ins and you can find some time to drive to Central London and explore some spots from my Christmas guide. It is really worth a visit!

Merry Christmas!

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