6 Steps to turn your Flat into a cozy Home

Oooh, Überschrift in Englisch? Ja, richtig, denn ich möchte euch heute gerne meinen ersten Beitrag zeigen, den ich als frischer International Student Blogger für meine neue Uni, die Kingston School of Art, geschrieben habe! Und da geht es um ein Thema, auf das mich in letzter Zeit so einige auf Instagram angesprochen haben: meine neue Wohnung in London. Diese habe ich möbliert gemietet, dann aber versucht, durch wenige und günstige Schritte, mir ein zu Hause einzurichten. Wie? Diese 6 Schritte haben mir geholfen! Übrigens, heute kommt der Artikel auf Englisch, um euch das volle London-Feeling zu geben haha….

It takes a while until your new flat becomes your cozy new home. But there are some steps that will make this process quicker and your small but probably very expensive flat in London or Kingston a creative and individual home – and even without spending lots of money! 

Decide which aesthetics you like and what type of person you are. Are you more the minimalistic and Scandinavian look loving person or do you like it colorful and creative? Do you like it simple and clean or do you like much decoration? 

In my case, my last flat in Germany was very minimalistic and all in black and white but this time I wanted it to be a little more individual. I decided to go for some more colors (from pink to beige and dark blue with some natural green highlights) and golden details. 

When I arrived in my furnished flat in London then, the flat did look not very cozy.

There was the basic furniture in my one bedroom flat – but that was it. To feel well in my new home I immediately went to the city center and checked out H&M Home, Hema and Wilko to buy some nice accessories that would pimp the boring and very bleak furniture. Also, I ordered some pieces at Ikea and got them delivered within the next days. 

Here are 6 tips that maybe also help you to make your student accommodation or own flat a new home! 

One thing that directly made me feel better in my flat where nice cushion pillows. I ordered 4 really ones for 2.50 pounds each with a cushion cover in different colors and patterns and now I love to cuddle on my sofa. 

The next step was to print out some DIN A4 and DIN A3 pictures in uni (which only cost me some pounds) and got some poster strips to hang them on my wall behind the sofa. In case you did not know: in the UK you are often not allowed to make holes into the wall for nails, so these poster strips are the ones to go for!

Furthermore, I bought some white storage boxes to put in my standard Kallax Ikea shelf to store all my brushes, papers, sewing kit, and stuff that would just make the room look messy. Each costs something around 2 or 3 pounds and will make you get rid of your chaos. 

Get a rug. My carpet especially in the living room does not look super neat anymore because many people lived in my flat before but to at least cover the spots on it I bought one of the cheapest but largest rugs on Ikea which immediately made my living room look stylish! 

I always feel that lights are very important so I ordered two little lamps: one for my desk in gold that would fit my door handles and an origami lamp that costs 25 pounds but looks like it would be at least 100 pounds. It is definitely one highlight in my flat and worth every penny! 

Bring your uni work and integrate it into your flat. As one of the fashion students at Kingston School of Art I have a lot of stuff. A tailors dummy, foam boards, mood boards, fashion theory books and more. Why keep them in a corner to hide them? As your uni projects especially in the creative courses take a big part of your life, you can also show this! Hang your foam boards on the wall (it even helps me with inspiration when I see it more often and drives me ahead!), put a nice piece on your dummy and arrange the books by color or sizes in your shelf.

You will see what difference it makes and how positively it affects your daily work!

I hope these tips are helpful to you and will make you love your flat soon!

P.s.: Den Original-Artikel auf der Kingston Website findet ihr übrigens hier.

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